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My name is Crystal
Cairn.  Perhaps you’ve seen me in the media.  Numbers have always been like a second language to me, so it was no surprise that I became a mathematician by training.  Even as a child, I could instantly recognize patterns and equations that would amaze my parents and friends.

After graduation, I entered the corporate world, but quickly realized how constricting it is to have a “job”, and how limited my income would be.  So I decided to focus my attention on studying the amazing … and very lucrative … “numerical” phenomenon of lotteries.

I figured I could use my natural numerical instincts, plus my advanced mathematical training to  make myself an amazing income, if not downright rich.

I started compiling data and running complex formulas.  I worked at it for 3 straight weeks, and couldn’t get it to make sense.  No matter what I did, my formulas seemed to be off, and I couldn’t figure out why.  I was so frustrated that I put my lottery research on hold for a while.

Around this time, my fascination with numbers led me to an in-depth study of numerology. Numerology is an ancient metaphysical science that theorizes we each have a natural connection with the universe based on the numbers of our name and birth date.

By using our numbers in conjunction with the numbers of each new day, numerologists believe we can take advantage of our universe connection and bring ourselves goodness and prosperity. Numbers don’t lie … and this made a lot of sense.

So, having exhausted all my other ideas on cracking the lottery code, I decided to take a look at not just the winning numbers, but using numerology, I studied the people who won.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks!

The secret to winning lotteries is playing mathematically-calculated probable numbers that also match your numerological essence!

I dug out my mathematical formulas of winning numbers, and spent another 3 weeks factoring in applications from numerology based on the individual winners names and birthdates.

Finally, everything came together like a precision-cut jig-saw puzzle!

I realized that numerology, alone, did NOT make people winners.  And I already knew that complex mathematical probabilities, alone, did NOT make people winners.

I cracked the secret to consistent lottery wins when I discovered that people who win lotteries are — totally by chance — playing a precise combination of their numerological number PLUS the mathematically calculated probable winning numbers.

Now my computer formula takes chance completely out of the picture.  My Adaptive Numerological Algorithm, is the ONLY source ANYWHERE that can virtually calculate those precise winning number combinations for you!

And I will automatically deliver these amazing Lotto-Win Numbers to you every day so you always have the exact numbers to play for each lottery game that can
make winning hundreds or thousands of dollars from any lottery as easy as taking candy from a baby


“Where did you get your formula.  I think that you should bottle it and
sell it for ten times, make that 100 times, what you charge.  I have
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–  Jack R., CA

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It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

–    Based
on numerology, the universe “assigns” you personal numbers every day that are totally unique for you based on your name and birth date.

–    Using
pure mathematics, we can determine that certain numbers are more or less likely to be drawn based on thorough analysis

By combining these two sciences, you get the perfect combination of numbers for maximum potential cash wins!  I call them Lotto-Win Numbers.

And my Adaptive Numerological Algorithm is the ONLY system in the world proven to calculate your precise, individual Lotto-Win Numbers.

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